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Large Furry Bolster Dog Bed, Taupe Accesorios Veterinaria Breeding Supplies

Large Furry Bolster Dog Bed, Taupe Accesorios Veterinaria Breeding Supplies

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Give your pet a warm and peaceful place to relax with the Vibrant Life Large Furry Bolster Dog Bed. This cozy pet bed is 36 inches by 27 inches, making it perfect for large dogs like boxers, labradors, and golden retrievers. The bolstered walls of this modern dog bed lend your pet comfort and support while providing a soft and restful sleep area for your furry friend. Made from 68 percent recycled material, your purchase of this luxury dog bed keeps an equivalent of 210 plus plastic bottles from the environment. Featuring a furry plush design, this deluxe dog bed is sure to add a style to your home while giving your pet a comfortable space of their own. Available in multiple colors so you can pick the stylish dog bed that best fits your decor style and your pet's personality. Expertly crafted with durable materials, this large dog bed has a removable machine-washable cover for easy care and long life.
Vibrant Life Large Furry Bolster Dog Bed, Taupe:

  • Ideal for breeds up to 90 lbs including boxers, labradors, and golden retrievers
  • Removable machine-washable cover
  • Bolstered for comfort and support
  • Deluxe plush furry design
  • Recycled polyester fiberfill provides pillowy support for your pet
✨TAKE A LOOK!:Large Furry Bolster Dog Bed, Taupe Accesorios Veterinaria Dog Breeding Supplies
PRODUCT PROPERTY:✨ 1: Dutrieux is a professional brand.Our product is made in cn(origin).

REASONS TO BUY:Easy to clean: The removable cover makes it easy to clean and maintain the dog bed, ensuring your pet's comfort is always maintained.
Bolster Dog Beds Large Dogs:This dog bed is perfect for large furry friends, providing a comfortable and supportive place to rest after a long day.
 Dog Breeding Supplies:This product is essential for anyone breeding dogs, ensuring the safety and comfort of your puppies during birth and development.
 Dog Bed Pet Bolster:This bolster dog bed is perfect for pets of all sizes, providing a cozy and supportive place to rest and relax.
 Bed Vet:This dog bed is designed to be used with a veterinarians approval, ensuring that your pet is comfortable and safe while using it.
 Pet Care Room:This product is ideal for use in a pet care room, providing a comfortable and safe place for your furry friends to rest and relax.
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