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Cooling Vest Harness Cooler Vest

Cooling Vest Harness Cooler Vest

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Summer is coming, and necessary to buy comfortable clothes for your. This cloth is made of mesh fabric and has a. It keeps your cool and comfortable. Pick one and make the perfect gift for your.


- Puppy Clothes adopt bright color design, windproof, breathable, warm and mild vest, keep your dog and cat comfortable and clean in spring and summer.|- Party dog cloth Roll sleeve and close sleeve for good effect.|- Sleeveless pet vest is easy to put on and remove|- Pet waistcoat allows pets to move freely and is suitable for family use or outdoor walks.|- Breathable pet Vest is suitable for walking, jogging and other outdoor activities. Reduce physical harm to pets.
- Color: Blue
- Material: Mesh cloth
- Size: 34.00X27.00X0.10cm;/13.36X10.61X0.04in;
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