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Pet Paw Ointment

Pet Paw Ointment

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10g Pet Paw Care Creams Ointment Paw Care Cream Moisturizing Protection Forefoot Toe Health Pet Products For Puppy Dog Cat


Product name: pet dog and cat palm protector

Product material: paste

Product specification: 10g

Packaging: boxed

Ingredients: natural propolis, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, tea tree essential oil, mint oil, lemon citronella oil

Dosage: Apply it on pet feet or skin every day Efficacy: soften scabs, reduce cracking, moisturize feet, maintain health, and keep skin smooth.

Features: Prevent sweating: Your dog is prohibited from long-term activities in the sun. Sweating in the ears will cause the dog to itch, which will lead to head shaking and ear scratching


1. The product propolis and glycerin can form a protective layer on the pet's foot to avoid the foot from being polluted and bacteria.

2. Help pets soften hard skins and reduce cracks in the paws of pets,release the pain of pets.

3. Pet materials are safe, healthy and natural, and pet cats and dogs will not be harmed by licking.

4.Easy to carry.You can take it easily when you and your dogs and cats go to travel.

5.Apply the dog's paw directly to the product, or apply a small amount of paste to the dog's paw. Apply evenly, especially to areas where the dog's paw is vulnerable and brittle.

Package Included:

1 * Palm protector

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